Saturday, January 26, 2008


I stand before you, guilty as charged, a known Bad Friend. Mrs. Langley and I had a date last night at Starbucks in Penty Row and we figured out that we haven't seen each other since her wedding. In MAY. Gah...that's depressing.

The thing I struggle with is that my friends are from lots of different moments in my life. College, various jobs, extracurricular activities, graduate school(s), etc. All beloved, but all don't mix, or just don't know each other, and so I have to parcel out my time to see people across what few free moments I have. No one-stop shopping, not least because my apartment isn't big enough to host a big gathering in cold weather (backyard barbecues are different).

Case in point: I *could* be doing coffee with one work buddy, having dinner tomorrow with another, but 1. can't mix them and 2. don't actually have time. I've spent all of today so far writing a paper that's due on Monday and nursing a random sore throat. My solution to this time crunch and socializing dilemma?

A mimosa and a bubble bath., Korbel...take me away.


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