Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Looking like crap = Looking young

I just went to Trader Joe's where in amongst my other groceries there was a bottle of sparkling white wine (my fave). Now, I'm low-maintenance today and am not sporting the usual hair/makeup rig, which to my mind makes me look a little rough around the edges. But apparently it also makes me look juvenile, because my teller looked at me...and looked at me...and then finally asked for my ID long after he'd finished ringing up my purchases. What would he have done if I'd ended up being underage? It's always nice to pass for less than my age, but I'm not willing to trot around looking homely to do it. Just sayin'.

On to other matters--namely the requested review of 300. In a word, AWESOME. It is all the things the reviews say it is: visually stunning but somewhat unreal looking, gratuitously violent, and made for 15-40 year old guys. But it's also passionate, well-scored, and an epic action flick. So much happens that it's one of those movies that will need to be seen again to get the full effect, and Gerard Butler knocks the role of Leonidas out of the park. I'm not one of those movie watchers who seeks for deeper meanings to films, hoping that they'll impart some big-picture wisdom via allegory or clever dialogue, so you'll have to consult someone else for the finer points of what 300 may have been trying to "say". I was just wicked entertained, and highly recommend that you get thee hence to see the movie, preferrably in a big theater w/ surround sound and lots of fans who will cheer with you when the big moments come.


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