Sunday, March 04, 2007

Honestly, it's cool just for the name

Well, having worked all 3 shifts in the last 3 days, my weekend hasn't had much room for other activities, but I did manage to get out on Friday for my first spring outdoor run (!) and couldn't get enough of the 60-degree weather. I also couldn't help but notice I'm not in good form for the St. Patty's 8K in 2 weeks, but there's still 2 weeks, right?

Also, yesterday I popped out to Davida's for the first cookout of the year. It was pretty much dark and chilly by the time I showed up kidding...Shady Side, but the gang was assembled and already well into gaming, gnoshing, and drinking. D's neighborhood sits *right* on the Chesapeake Bay and she has the sweetest little house, and a grill that 1/2 works so the beer brats were rockin'. I can neither confirm nor deny that games of "I Never" and "President" took place...that there may or may not have been a midnight polar bear "swim off" in the Bay...or that I made it to my 6 a.m. shift ON TIME but not "well rested". :) Good thing about that: the moon was amazing this morning. Huge, full, and bright--so much so I could have done w/out my headlights--it guided me all the way back to D.C. To work. Stupid moon.


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