Sunday, February 18, 2007

Yadda yadda

Well, the internet issue was resolved by Friday afternoon, so I'm less cranky on that score. I've also given in to the cold that's been dogging me all week and have used the vacation time to sleep and read and watch movies and not much else. I did scoot out on Friday night to accompany TV to see Lily Allen at the 9:30 Club, and it was great! She is the cutest ballsy little Brit with to-die-for lyrics. XO should have a review up soon (which I'll link to) but in the meantime hustle out and buy her album Alright, Still. You'll thank me. (ed. I meant to mention--Kristin will be so proud--we got to the show and TV busted out some earplugs AND YET NEGLECTED TO SUGGEST THAT I BRING SOME but fortunately I had a spare pare en purse [there in case I needed them for studying purposes] and voila! Lily enjoyed sans ringing eardrums!)

In other news, Heather and I saw Music and Lyrics yesterday @ Potomac Yard. That place? Is insane. There were lines errrywhere, but still, a nice outing. The movie was cute enough, in the predictable romantic comedy way, but I enjoyed how self-effacing Hugh Grant was throughout the whole thing. Then we hit up Sine for a drink and can I just say that I LOVE DC's smoking ban and Virginia needs to get with the program ASAP. I come home from DC w/ no sore throat and not reeking of stale cigarette experience I'd love to duplicate in my home state.

Seriously, with the cold outside and the one in my head, I'm not doing anything with this time off and YOU CAN'T STOP ME. Turner Classic Movies is doing musicals today. I've already enjoyed Singin' in the Rain. Next up is a Doss family favorite, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and topping it off later I have Hello, Dolly! from Netflix. *happy sigh*

PS: While IMing w/an old high school friend she mentioned the religion that's sweeping the universe. Do read on....


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