Friday, February 16, 2007

Of all the times...

I'm on vacation right now. After having no break between fall and winter quarters (moving and Thanksgiving) I elected to take a few days off this time where I would be neither in school nor at work, just resting and giving frazzled Anne some downtime. So now here it is, and my internet isn't working at home. Supposedly Comcast came by last night and fixed things (for all of 6 hours) then lo and behold this morning it's down again. So I hauled my ass over to Starbucks only to discover that you have to have a TMobile account to use their WiFi. Thus I bought some time ($6 worth--when my connection at home costs me $12/MONTH) and am frantically trying to handle some 'net bidness in the hour allotted me. I am cranky as hell about this, people.



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