Sunday, January 14, 2007

*Insert clever title here*

I've started to blog 3 or 4 times in the last few weeks, but so far every time fizzled. I believe the word for it is "apathy" (I accidentally started to type "apartheid" just then...Freudian? A commentary on how school separates me from all former semblance of my life? You decide). I feel bad about this because my absence has people asking if I'm alright and (the worst part) I gave Stefan a hard time about not reading BlogSport religiously and that I would chronicle our New Years Eve in depth and so he HAD to check it out. And you know how that ended. In the words of Inigo Montoya, lemme sum up:

NYE: Lovely, all-too-brief evening of hanging out with Christie, Stefan, Kristin, and Todd. We pre-partied at my new place (that is now suitably large for visitors!) and then headed to Matt's place downtown for a great party, where we were joined by Grace, Robin, Clarence, Jonathan, Heather, and Lori. It was very adult (not *that* way, Adam) and low-key and vunderbar.

TV: Earlier this week, totally out of the blue, this was delivered to me. Courtesy of my brother Steve, from whom all good electronics come (he bought the last TV I had, the one this new one replaces, when I was 15. I believe I've proven myself a good gift recipient, caring for my things and appreciating the goods). At some point I'll post before and after pictures, because the difference is hilariously astonishing. I am so in love with it, making the only downside the fact that I have so damn much else going on, between work and school, that I have inadequate time to SIT ON MY ASS enjoying the goodness.

MOVIE: With 4 unexpected hours of free time last weekend I met up with Pam and we saw The Holiday. Total chick flick and unrealistic (do YOU know anyone who lives like either of the main characters?) but such a lovely escapist balm for the soul, especially fueled with my stocking-stuffer Milk Duds.

HOCKEY: Yesterday I went with Kristen to see a charity hockey game between the FBI and the Secret Service. The Service eventually thumped the Feds, but not before we put up a decent fight. Apparently these games are a regular thing, and the rink in Reston was PACKED. There was even a clique-ish section of players' wives and everything, so there's some ceremony and history and, not for nothing, some very handsome players who could immobilize you using just their pinkies. Good times.

I wish I had more to show for the first 2 weeks of 2007, but that's not too shabby, considering.


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