Friday, October 21, 2005

I haven't blogged in 2 weeks but am not about to start into a catalog of how I saw Pat Martino in concert or discovered the Leesburg Outlets or got to see and tramp around town with Christie and Stefan or had dinner with Suzi (TWICE!). Nevermind that I went to Pete and Catharine's wedding in Delaware and snuck a growler of Iron Mill beer into a public space, toured Winterthur and the Brandywine Valley via BD, got reassigned at work, fielded cries of "HEY NAVY CREW!" from a stranger on the GW Parkway trail, or that I was told by a fellow trail user to "keep an eye on the strange guy taking pictures of the tree." We'll gloss over that I'm going camping this weekend (Rain?! WHAT RAIN?), that BD has a crack in his windshield not unlike when a boxer has his eye cut and swollen shut, but we still manage. What I'm here for, really, is to say these two things:

1. TV: THANK YOU for the wonderful pop mix. Can you say "Already burned on my computer" and "Playing on 'continuous shuffle' "?

2. BILL: I'm going to see Son Volt tonight at 9:30. Too bad you live, you know...not here.


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