Tuesday, December 28, 2004

WTF mate?

On a morning walk in the local park my sister and her husband came across this air gun. She was a bit horrified to find this thing not 500 yards from her house in her VERY suburban neighborhood, but, you know…she wasn’t surprised. It is not a gun (although any kid taking this to school would be in some serious shit) and a bb or a pellet from this thing could still do some damage. It shouldn’t be lost on anyone either that a lot of energy goes into making air guns that resemble the real thing—right down to model number, heft, and how you cock the slide to charge the firing mechanism. As one dealer puts it…"[b]ecause of their maintenance-free design and affordability these are excellent entry level AirSoft guns for the hobby and recreational enthusiast." So, the training-bra of guns, I guess?


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