Tuesday, December 14, 2004


Oh my gah... the treats abound at work, and I wasn't even HERE for the Christmas party yesterday, so God knows what I'd be like if I'd been around for that smorgasbord (*silently thanks Spiderman Jesus for small blessings*). A fellow library just sent over a huge tin of chocolates--hazelnut, peanut butter, double fudge, Buckeyes, Irish mint, you name it--and I felt compelled to quality control several flavors. ohdearohdearohdearohdear

But in the last two days I finished all my Christmas shopping, got some lovely gifts from my bosses, and now feel thoroughly surrounded and engulfed (in the best sense) by the holiday spirit. I have Steve's 2003 Hot Toddy mix on "repeat" (my officemate is so pleased), am wearing a red sweater that both sparkles AND shimmers, and as if that weren't enough to make an Irishwoman happy,

KRISTIN IS HOME. !!!!!! Oh, happy day. The Asian Conflagration rolled into the 'Falls yesterday, and tonight we reconvene 1. Girls' Night and 2. ensemble watching of TAR.

I am one jazzed white woman.


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