Thursday, December 09, 2004

Steve slightly beat me to it, but does the source really matter? All that needs be done is a celebration in honor of the return of Alias January 5th and 24 on January 9th. They're both on new nights (Wednesdays and Mondays, respectively) and both have been on, again as Steve pointed out, much-needed breaks. I haven't been happy to do without them all fall, but some serious rethinking and retooling needed to be done and I would imagine that they've both only benefitted from the time for cast and crew to GET THEY SHIT TOGETHER. I'm desperately curious to see how Garner and Vartan deal with each other now that they are not coupled off-camera. And as we all know, no Spawn is good Spawn. But these things all remain to be 4 weeks. WOOT!! (That's like "WAX", Shelby)


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