Thursday, December 16, 2004

Reality Blurred has up the latest snippet on Jonathan and Victoria from The Amazing Race. Unsurprisingly JFucker defends himself, insisting he does not abuse his wife (PS asshole, you can verbally abuse someone wreaking just as much devastation as you would using your fists) and that he's a victim of editing. No, Jonathan. They didn't edit you into shoving your wife. They don't edit you into screaming at her, or other contestants. While we don't see every minute of footage filmed of you, what we do see is wholly you and actions you took almost totally without provocation.

I agree with Miss Alli that it really does lower this show to have cast someone so obnoxious. He's not colorful, he's just hateful, and I don't care for "drama" at any price. BUT I wouldn't go so far as to agree with the Chicago Tribune story that puts forward the notion that the show is condoning and/or turning a blind eye to the issue of spousal abuse by airing J&V and not "stepping in." It's a veeery fine line as to where collective responsibility to step in begins--and I can't tell you where it is so I'm not going to yell at CBS for (so far) not doing it either.


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