Wednesday, December 01, 2004

My goal was to have my cheeks match my shirt by night's end, and can I say: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Alright, you’ve waited long enough, here she goes: The story of The Reunion.

I drove down to the ‘burg on Friday afternoon (where I stayed with Corinna’s family in their gorgeous lakeside home). Mr. Fisher (who works for the largest construction company in town) took us on a tour of the new high school under construction and can I say? We wuz robbed!!! The new facility is huge, mo-derne, and so sweet ass sweet. I loved my school, but Damn, Gina.

Anyway, C & I got gussied up and had some old friends in for a preparty (pictured above). Mr. Fisher made these delectable concoctions called Dark n’ Stormys (main ingredient: rum) but I stuck to champagne and apparently handled a whole bottle myself before we even got to the party. I was a little nervous, I’ll admit, and so I lubed up freely.

The reunion (full album can be viewed here) took place at a nice pub downtown. My fears for the night, while minimal, also proved totally groundless, as I had, no foolin’, one of the best nights of my adult life. To set context it’s important to underscore that, while I had friends and acquaintances in high school, I was no social butterfly. I spent most nights in (and most of those studying), so to show up and drink and be a grown up and feel so comfortable in my skin around these people who have seen me at my most awkward was so affirming. I know that’s just too precious and Hollywood B-movie-esque, but it was my night and there’s nothing like the truth to spice up the ‘Sport.

Everyone was kind and interested and gregarious. I caught up with so many effing cool people; saw pictures of people’s kids (!) and met peoples' spouses; reminisced about the wicked stupid shit we pulled back in the day; chatted with people I’d known since 3rd grade. And 6th grade; and got really drunk. I didn’t pay for a single drink all night (thanks Kevin and Ryan and Kari). This is desperately obvious in the hue and shine achieved by my cheeks by ½ way through the night. I remember 94% (wink) of my conversations and don’t think I did anything too embarrassing, but even if I did, it was so worth it.

So many of the axioms bore out, too: the boys all looked great, and, really, they are MEN now (crazy). The ugly ducklings had swanned nicely, and the cliques disappeared as everyone steeped themselves in some seriously unabashed good cheer. Everyone gave me shit about being voted “Most Likely to Succeed”, asked very kindly about my family, and I was a bit staggered to find out how many folks are up here in the general DC area. How can wander around this wee city and not run into them, I’d like to know!

We closed the bar, went to another bar, and then went to the home of a girl who still lives in town. Corinna and I ended by calling a (ridiculously cheap) cab at 4 am and heading back for too little drunken sleep. Hair of the dog was my best friend the next day as I caught the Tech v. UVa game (complete w/ many Guinness) and then more beers and shots that night. I drank more this weekend than I have in about 6 months, did not sleep nearly enough, and wouldn’t have changed a single minute.

Go Blue Streaks!


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