Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Suzi spoke the words and a curse descended on the wine tasting....

A couple of weeks ago I noticed that the school's wine club was sponsoring an evening of Australian wines, hosted by none other than the Australian embassy. SWEET AND HOLY OZ. Could a night be more tailor-made for our ADD? Methinks....no. So right quick I wrangled Suzi and Grace and got us tickets to said event.

That same day, in chatting with Suz about the upcoming hoedown, she piped up with the following observations: 1. The tasting would be populated by only SAISers and 2. if there were any Australians there, they would no doubt be very unattractive.

I know!! Her heart is full of hate! Hate of Australians and not a little pessimistic buzz-killing of your ADD's full-blown lervy lerv lerv of all things antipodean. I assured her that she was full of shite, we made up, and I continued to look forward to the evening.

But I had forgotten that she is Asian, and therefore powerful and crafty (but neither sham nor bad morality, thank goodness) and lo and behold the wine tasting boasted only ONE Australian man and while attractive, I don't care for the "all my eggs in one basket" scenario and so, in that sense, the night bore out Suzi's dire predictions to a "T". Fortunately after the antics of last weekend I didn't much care, and catching up with Vroom^2 and the Q was plenty entertaining. Forgive and forget...but it's a good thing I like Suzi an awful lot, otherwise...POW!!

At least the wine was good, plentiful, and strong. Nothing like a buzz on a Monday night to warm you on the long metro ride home.


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