Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hold still while I preach again on the necessity of knowing how to drive stick. People are so challenged by this sort of driving and it really isn't that big a deal. The learning curve is a bit steep at first, and the halting start-stall of early days is annoying, but once you know how to handle a gear shift you are SO HOOKED UP. I feel I need only direct you to case in point (WARNING: Spoiler alert), Maria and Mara who were eliminated from TAR last night because neither of them knew how to drive a standard transmission car. This handicap ate away at their time and made them juuuust slow enough that they lost. They lost a million dollars. They lost the chance to stay in for a few more legs and see some incredible places around the world, all on CBS's dollar. All because they learned on an automatic and left it at that. Don't let this be you, people.

On another note, in between hassling with my car last weekend, I went to see Bridget Jones 2: The Edge of Reason. My hopes weren't high because the book of the same title is not great. The original book is so clever and real and personable, but in the second Fielding has Bridget getting into scrapes that are so improbable, and behaving so dopily--the first Ms. Jones was comical but endearing. The second was simply hapless and painfully silly. I thought, with rewrites, the movie would be better, but alas, no. As much as I love the character, and love Colin Firth, the rest was just trumped up and disjointed and hamfisted with its attempts to play on the antics that charmed audiences the first time around. I'm sorry to say it, but save your money. Netflix it, maybe, but don't even fall all over yourself to do that, either.

The preview for "Meet the Fockers" looked AWESOME though. Can't wait for that.


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