Monday, December 06, 2004

Happy Ears, courtesy of XO London:

Van Lear Rose

Kenny & Dolly: Once Upon a Christmas

Happy Eyes, courtesy of Pam:

I spent the better part of Saturday and Sunday evenings watching "Lost." Pam had taped the first 5 or so episodes for me, swearing that I would love them, and I had DVRd the rest. I didn't want to watch them out of order, and hadn't had time to see them until now, so sat down and *glutted* myself for about 8 hours straight. This show is done by J.J. Abrams (of Alias fame), so you know he knows how to charm me. They're already knee-deep into the suspension-of-reality storylines, and I don't mind one bit. The flashbacks are a brilliant touch, and it doesn't hurt that part of the story takes place in Australia so that 1. we get lots of scenes Down Under and 2. Aussies are in the cast. I am reeled in hook, line, and sinker.

Unhappy boca grande, courtesy of Dr. Mills:

The novocaine is wearing off and I can feel every millimeter of my jaw. FUCKING OW.


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