Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Been a long time gone

At least, it feels that way. I will write more later (and post piccies) but I did not have a relaxing beach getaway. First, Virginia Beach is only about 200 miles south of here, so not significantly different weather-wise (as in, no pool lounging or sunning-of-self took place). Second, the aforementioned major car hassle and sketchy highway experience (deets to follow). Third, traffic coming back this morning was ri-goddamn-diculous and what should have taken just under 3 hours took 4 and a half. I was un-motherfucking-happy. BUT I had a chance to listen to a lot of radio and enjoyed 1. a story about credit card debt in the US (a companion piece to a Frontline episode airing tonight) and 2. the first airing of the James Brown Show on WJFK, which just came onboard with the show today. Good S; more later.


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