Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Miss Anne got an Ow-ee!!!

Loyal readers, it is but too true. I am wounded. This morning after rowing practice I was (of course) late and in a hurry to get outta the boathouse. I was running through the boat bay, and as I passed an 8 in a rack close to the ground, I snagged my right shin on the rigging. Riggers are 2-foot long pieces of metal that make a triangle out from the side of the boat; it's where the oars go. Anyhoo, I felt the tug but didn't realize how srrrsss the damage was until I got to the car and saw the blood RUNNING DOWN MY LEG. Then upon inspection at home I discovered, "Huh. This thing is deep as the all-damn-devil." Away to Arlington Urgent Care I went, and a good thing I did, too. I am now 1. full of antibiotics and 2. have stitches. I just wasn't going to mess around with the Potomac water that definitely got into that cut, y'know? The Doss don't play petri dish. It doesn't hurt, and I'm more peeved at myself than anything because now I have to miss practice for a week to keep the cut clean and dry. However, any and all sympathies are welcomed, as are housecalls wherein you deliver chocolate and beer to my door.


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