Monday, April 09, 2007

Eyes of the dragon

N (or, HWSWNBATMBSITITV) and I made dinner for Easter yesterday. The whole thing started with a desire for chocolate ravioli from Eastern Market, to commemorate the giving up of chocolate for Lent by crazy people of great willpower and faith [read: NOT me]. This evolved into getting the ingredients for a whole dinner at said market*, and when we got there on Saturday we figured the menu would reveal itself as we puttered around the stalls. Well, food lovers and bad setters of limits that we are, we bought enough meat to sate an ACC football team. Whole chickens were cleaved, and ribs broiled sweet and saucy. Not to mention [details included for Kristin's benefit] homemade cornbread, fresh green beans, and twice-baked potatoes--and that's BEFORE the capstone of the aforementioned ravioli.

When I woke up this morning I was *still* full. Thank you Jeebus.

*to say nothing of the homemade 3-cheese macaroni and cheese and kielbasa that was Saturday's dinner. My body? Is a temple.


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